About Wikimapia cityguides

This site is created using Wikimapia data. Wikimapia is an open-content collaborative map project contributed by volunteers around the world. It contains information about 32151055 places and counting. You can participate in map editing too. Any city place or street that has been added to the map appears in the cityguide. This information is updated every 10 minutes.

How can I follow changes in the city?

To do this, you should use watchlists for all edits of city objects.

How to add a new place?

To add a new place on Wikimapia, just go to the map, find a place you know that isn't marked yet, and click on "add place" button in the page left upper corner. Please do not forget to specify the place address and set some useful categories: this will help you and other users to find the new place in the cityguide much easier. Also, check the language in which you are creating a place, in case it differs from your chosen interface language.

How to add a new street?

In addition to places, Wikimapia allows you to draw roads (as well as rivers and railways) and set their names. Roads and other linear features editing are available in the "Transport" section of the "Edit map" menu.